Bathroom Remodeling

You’ll no longer have to deal with outdated fixtures in your bathroom once you have Homestead Remodeling complete a full bathroom remodel at your home. We’ll give you a space that you’ll actually enjoy using and feel relaxed in, so stop putting off your dream bathroom remodel and let us make it happen. As the premier home improvement company serving St. Paul and surrounding areas of Minnesota, Homestead Remodeling is the top choice for the job.

Put Your Trust on Us!

What separates Homestead Remodeling from our competitors is our attention to detail, whether that be in our products or installation. We always use the best brands for remodels, delivering exactly what you envision in your new bathroom. While other companies may promise quick, one-day turnarounds, we like to take our time with installations, allowing our certified technicians to complete a thorough job. Our focus is on making sure you are happy with every aspect of your bathroom remodel.

Our Services

At Homestead Remodeling, we offer a variety of services to transform your bathroom. These include:

  • New wet space areas, cabinets, Vanity Tops, flooring, lights, tiling, glass block, and more
  • Tub-to-shower and shower-to-tub conversions
  • Walk-in tub or shower installations with a seat and grab bar for those with lower mobility
  • We specialize in Onyx and BCI Acrylic for your maintenance free lifestyle!

Additionally, if you have a request for any specific brands, we will happily source the exact products you are looking for. Whatever vision you have for your new bathroom, Homestead Remodeling can make it happen.Take the first step toward a new bathroom remodel and contact Homestead Remodeling today. We provide home improvement services to residents in St. Paul and anywhere in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

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