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The insulation in the attic of your St. Paul, Minnesota, area home is probably not something you think about often – but it is something that impacts your everyday life. Having poor insulation can cost you comfort as well as hard-earned money by letting heat enter your home in the summer and escape in the winter. This means your HVAC system must work harder to maintain a comfortable temperature, undoubtedly costing you more on your energy bills. Thankfully, Homestead Remodeling is here to help.

Why Atticat®?

We have specifically chosen to offer Atticat® Expanding Blown-In PINK Fiberglas™ Insulation because of the numerous features and benefits this product offers. For example, this insulation:

  • Is installed with the AttiCat® Insulation Blowing Machine, which adds millions of air pockets to the insulation to make it extremely effective
  • Will never settle, so it will maintain its R-value for years to come
  • Expands completely inside the blowing machine for a no-mess installation

Enjoy a Quick and Easy Installation With Homestead Remodeling

Have you ever partnered with a home improvement company that made you a bunch of promises, but then didn’t follow through? At Homestead Remodeling, we make it a point to ensure our customers are never left wishing they had partnered with a different home remodeler. Some of the ways we ensure a top-notch experience is by not only installing top-of-the-line products, but also providing quality installations while focusing on customer service every step of the way. For example, we can be flexible with scheduling your insulation project to accommodate your busy schedule. Plus, we make the installation process quick and simple. In fact, the entire job can be finished in a single day.

If you are ready to reduce the burden on your home’s HVAC system and make your home more energy efficient with a blown-in insulation system from Atticat®, contact Homestead Remodeling today. We serve homeowners in the St. Paul area and will be glad to provide you with a free consultation and quote.

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