Patio Covers

It’s always nice to spend time outside and get some fresh air. And while you may enjoy relaxing on your deck, patio, or other part of your yard, maybe sometimes the sun gets too overwhelming or it suddenly starts raining. This doesn’t mean you have to retreat inside, though. Homestead Remodeling installs patio covers for homeowners in St. Paul, Woodbury, and the Twin Cities communities, so you can bask in the beauty of the outdoors while remaining protected and unbothered.

THere's a reason why temo says "every day is a vacation!"

Homestead Remodeling is dedicated to providing homeowners with long-lasting, beautiful upgrades—and that includes our patio covers. This is because we source them from TEMO, an acclaimed outdoor living manufacturer. TEMO patio covers are crafted with many impressive features, including:

  • An extruded aluminum construction that resists warping, cracking, rotting, and insect infestation
  • An electrostatic finish that doesn’t fade, peel, or need to be repainted
  • A thermal roof that deflects the sun’s heat so you can stay cool while sitting underneath your patio cover
  • Sturdy, eye-catching columns that are inspired by Italian architecture

Expect a Professional Installation

The quality of our patio covers is exceptional, and so is the level of our craftsmanship when we install them. Our skilled technicians are experienced and knowledgeable about how to properly install our patio covers, so you can feel confident knowing the project is in the right hands. Whether you want it attached to your home or placed elsewhere in your yard, your patio cover will be expertly installed and built to last for many years to come.

You can further explore our selection of patio covers by contacting Homestead Remodeling today. We’re proud to serve homeowners throughout St. Paul, MN, and the Twin Cities area.

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